Show Jumping competition day

If you’ve followed Grumeti and I for a while, you’ll know what we haven’t had the best of luck recently. Every time we have planned to go to a competition something has gone wrong; the lorry breaking down, G getting kicked by another horse, myself being unwell, G having a bout of colic and also me falling off one of my other horses.

But today we finally got to a show! I was beginning to think that this day would never come, having convinced myself that it wasn’t meant to be and that all the things that had gone wrong were a sign that we weren’t ready to be attempting the step up in height class that we have been trying to achieve.

It’s wild how much this series of unfortunate (and very annoying) events has effected my confidence and self belief. So in true Katie style, I got to the venue late, with just ten minutes to tack up, warm up and get into the ring for our first class.

As I came to the first fence I realised, I had no idea what the course was! So I said to my wonderful boy, “let’s see what happens when we don’t know where we are going” and prayed he would do his best for me.

So we got round, in a bit of a scrappy fashion, with just one fence down and a bit of a slow time to find we placed 7th out of 16. Which I’ll absolutely take for my lack of preparation, and besides, it’s hard to go fast when you don’t know where you’re going!

A short break and then into the next class, a step up in height (an extra 10cm) for us at a competition and something I’ve wanted to achieve with him for a while.

This time we had an unlucky two fences down, one which I’ll take the blame for as I got him a bit close and deep to it, and one which he just tapped with a lazy back foot. A bit faster this time as we knew our way around the course. So placed 8th.

Part of me wanted to be upset at the unfortunate knocking of poles, but in all honesty, it felt like he jumped better in the second, higher class. And when you’ve got a horse who makes you smile and fills you with so much confidence, what is there to be upset about?

I’ve come away feeling like I’ve laid some demons to rest and like this lovely horse of mine has way more to offer me in terms of scope. I know I say it all the time and am a bit of a broken record, but Grumeti really is my horse of a lifetime.

He’s brave, he’s honest, he’s reliable and all of the opportunities he gives me are priceless. There really will never be enough words to thank him and the McNeill family for how happy he makes me. He’s one in a million and I couldn’t love him any more if I tried.

Thank you Grumeti, I can’t wait to get you out again and hopefully come back in the ribbons!

Thank you so much for reading.
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Katie & Grumeti x

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